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nikon vs. leica.

17 Nov 2010

So I discovered this weekend that I’d actually been shooting the last 10 days or so with Kodak Elitechrome 200 in both my Nikon FE and the Leica M6.  (I could’ve sworn that there was Portra 160nc in the Nikon!)   And that I’d taken nearly identical shots with both cameras on several occasions.  These aren’t the best photos, and even with a functioning Nikon light meter, my exposure is all over the place, but: can you tell Nikon glass from its Leica counterpart?  I’m sort of desperately hoping that the answer is no, so that I stop myself from trying to justify the purchase of a $3500 camera and lens.  Sadly, I suspect the answer is Lady, the Leica glass is far superior.  Also, student loan debt, ahem.

For what it’s worth:

  • First set: Leica, Nikon.
  • Second set: Nikon, Leica.
  • Third set: Nikon, Leica.
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