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1 Nov 2010

HT here. Because of new web restrictions at work (which allow me to look at Facebook and some rather morally questionable sites, yet prevent me from going to wordpress, typepad, blogspot, or any sort of blogging platform), my mostly-daily posting schedule will be out of whack for a few days. Bear with me, won’t you? In the meanwhile, wander around the site a bit; check out the archives; or, perhaps even better: go outside! It’s finally autumn, which hopefully means that your cheeks will start to get as rosy as mine do.

Back soon, with lots of photographs in tow.

Update: Weirdly, my web access has returned.  I have no idea if this (no firewall) is an anomaly, or if the firewall this morning was.   The photo above: taken with a Polaroid 340 a few years back, when autumn was just starting around its normally scheduled time (aka, early October) and not all the leaves on the tree outside my bedroom window had already been shed from their branches, as they did this year after that freak tornado hit Brooklyn last month.   (Here’s the view of the same tree, same autumn, only on a slightly overcast day, and with 35mm slide film.) I love the crispness in the air today, but man, I really miss waking up to this deep yellow curtain of foliage just feet from my bed.

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