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walton, early spring.

28 Oct 2010

This past April, Daniel, Shannon, and I went upstate to our friend Bernard’s weekend home in Walton.  Nestled in the Catskills about two and a half hours from the city, the house has a kitchen the size of a Manhattan apartment, a pool table, fireplace, a gazillion bedrooms, and its own little bar.   We did little more that weekend than eat, nap, play 7-inches from Bernard’s vast vinyl collection, drink, nap some more, eat some more, and sleep.  Somewhere in there we managed to hit the local library book sale, where Shannon picked up a copy of Dolly Parton’s autobiography for a dollar.  Score!

Shannon, Bernard, and I are heading back up to Walton this coming weekend.  I’m hoping the leaves will be awash in their full autumn colors, and that it’ll actually start to feel properly, well, autumnal.  (It’s been freakishly warm in NYC this week!)  Bernard and I were hoping to relax in front of the tv with a Phillies-Yankees World Series, but we’ll have to make do with the Giants-Rangers.   And I think this time around I’ll bring some black and white film to load into the Yashica (I’ve got Kodachrome in the Spotmatic and Portra 160nc in the Nikon), and see what transpires (other than the eating and sleeping, of course).

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  1. 29 Oct 2010 8:16 pm

    like how intense the color is of her red hat, 3rd photo up.

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