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the latter day.

2 Nov 2010

My pal A was in town last week to accept the prestigious Whiting Writers Award.  The night before the awards ceremony, we headed to our old standby, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, for soup dumplings.  NYSD has moved down the street and become Old Yeah Shanghai, and in the old NYSD space is a shop called Old Sichuan.  Confusing, yes, but we decided to get our Shanghai dumpling fix at Old Sichuan anyway.  Still pretty good!  Afterwards, there was requisite whiskey and merriment at the local, where we were joined by Jonas, A’s pal from Berlin.  The awards ceremony on Wednesday night was pretty hilarious, with much wine, whooping and cheering from the peanut gallery, and later some good old fashioned pub grub from the White Horse Tavern.  A lovely, albeit much too brief, 36 hour visit from a friend I really ought to see much more often.

Oh yeah, the title of the post: A and I once had a band called The Latter Day.  We were awesome.

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