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pittsburgh (2).

13 Oct 2010

Well, this is a bummer.  I just got back my processed rolls of 120 film, taken with the Yashica Mat 124.  And …. they sort of suck.   Most of them, anyway.  Still have one and a half rolls to scan into the computer before I can say for sure, but it’s not looking too good.  Fearing that the wildly blue skies and bright sun would throw my exposure off, I underexposed everything to compensate, only to discover last night that I had gone a wee bit too far:  a hazy near-darkness blankets at least half the rolls.   Grrrr.

Here are two that came out alright: the top is from Homestead, east of downtown and the former site of the largest steelworks in the country.  (Dan — that’s correct, yes?)  It’s now mostly a giant open-air shopping mall, though on the very eastern end, there’s still the old workers’ meeting house and a few random bits of former monumentality.  And pictured below is my friend Dan’s apartment, or at least the entryway and peek into the kitchen, anyway.   I’m crossing my fingers that the last few rolls of 120 end up as nicely as these — or at the very least, just don’t depress me as much as the other 120 rolls have.  Otherwise, this is going to be a very long week.   

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  1. 13 Oct 2010 4:30 pm

    The one on top is beautiful… the film(?) does have a bit of a blown-out dreamy quality that might be what you’re reacting to?

  2. 13 Oct 2010 5:33 pm

    @md: maybe — the ones that weren’t underexposed ended up being really saturated, most likely because of the weather/sun conditions. which can be nice in a way, but the saturation levels were just too much for me. i tried to desaturate in photoshop, but it seems like the blown-out-ness also messed with the nuances in tone (ie, little to no nuance). so the photos here appear as they did right off the scanner, with no photoshopping. i’m hoping that some photos taken later in the day turned out a little less harsh. i used kodak portra 160nc — the NC stands for neutral color, which i use more often than the 160vc (vivid color) precisely because it’s not supposed to saturate like this (which has the appearance of the 160vc here). argh.

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