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for mike.

12 Oct 2010

Dear Mike,

I’m sorry life is messing with you right now.  You deserve awesomeness, and you’re not getting your full share of it — nowhere near your full share of it.  And that makes me sad.  I remember back in April 2007, when I was feeling pretty low, and you took me out to Red Hook that one Sunday afternoon (after bringing me flowers first!), and we wandered around and took photos, and then ended up eating key lime pies and then getting prosciutto at Fairway and collapsing back at your old apartment on Woodhull Street.  That was a great day, in small part because I started taking photos (including these here, and oh hey, this is me via you!) again after an unhappy hiatus, but mostly because it was the first time I felt better after a long time of not feeling so hot.  And I have you to thank for that. 

So I guess I’m just saying that I owe you one.  A big one.  And I wish I was in Seattle right now to whisk you away and traipse around industrial ruins (does Seattle have them?), and then we could get drinks and talk shit about idiotic people, because there seem to be a lot of them in the Pacific Northwest.   And if you end up coming back to New York this week, under less than ideal circumstances, then, well, I’d give you a hug and then feed you a burger or two.  You’re awesome, and I miss you, and I’m sorry for these curveballs* that life keeps throwing at you. 

xoxo ht.

* Remember how I taught you about baseball?  That was funny too. 

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