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pittsburgh (1).

11 Oct 2010

My first 18 hours in Pittsburgh involved marvelling at the view from my friend Dan’s deck (he has two decks!  two!) in Bloomfield, wolfing down half-pound burgers at Tessaro’s, guzzling down drinks while catching some of the baseball playoffs at Nico’s Recovery Room, and sticking my head (and the Nikon) out the window at every opporturnity to soak in the city.  

I brought 14 or so rolls of film with me, not including the new rolls already loaded in the cameras (Nikon, Pentax, and Yashica).  When I unpacked last night upon returning to Brooklyn, I counted 4 unused rolls.  I’m crossing my fingers that the Kodachrome worked, and that the exceptionally bright daylight and blue skies didn’t completely overwhelm everything else.   Regardless, I can’t recall the last time I ate and napped with such ferocity and aplomb.  I look forward to returning for round two in the springtime.

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  1. half p permalink
    13 Oct 2010 2:44 pm

    amazing sights and colors! love each image you’ve posted. And love that altered Stop sign – what’s the story behind it? also amazed at your prolific shooting capacity and appetite. if each shot is a day 16 rolls is like a fat bonus year, and no doubt they’ll all be goooooodies knowing you! xo

  2. 13 Oct 2010 6:21 pm

    thanks, lu! sadly, it looks like a lot of the 120 stuff is coming out either oversaturated or completely underexposed, so i’m a bit bummed out. the slide film is looking promising, and the kodachrome is currently at a lab in kansas, so i’ve got my fingers crossed!

    as for the stop sign — it’s just around the corner from dan’s apartment, and we’re not sure what the story is. a google search has turned up nothing. mysterious!

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