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pittsburgh (3).

14 Oct 2010

After the ongoing Yashica debacle and at least four rolls of 120 film turning out pretty, well, ugly — it was with a sigh of relief that my first roll of slide film (Kodak Elitechrome 100) came back relatively decently, especially given that half the shots were taken in ridiculously low light.  The photos here are mundane food shots, but trust me, after two nights of scanning the horrid 120 negatives, predictable and mundane suit me just fine. 

Then again, these weren’t exactly mundane eats: two rounds of hot dogs and a huge basket of excellent, twice-fried fries at D’s Six Pax & Dogz; biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, and home fries (me) and eggs & corned beef hash (Dan) for Saturday brunch at DeLuca’s; a saucy half-sausage, half-cheese, tavern-cut pie at Sir Pizza that was incredibly reminiscent of childhood pies at Shakey’s; and! the piece(s) de resistance: great slices of lemon meringue and dutch apple pie at Glisan’s, a restaurant way out in Markleysburg, PA, near the Ohiopyle region (more on that later).  Yes, we drove an hour and a half outside the city for pie; what did you do last weekend?

On Saturday after brunch at DeLuca’s, we wandered around the Strip District, the old market area down along the Allegheny River.  There are some great old pasta & cheese shops, as well as fish stalls and the like (yay salt cod!), and it seems like just about all of Pittsburgh heads down there on Saturday afternoon.  It was a great way to walk off an incredibly filling meal.   There were a few more great eats after this, which I’ll hopefully get around to posting soon, including mussels + frites at Point Brugge, followed by Sunday brunch at Ritter’s, and finally a couple of pre-flight slices at the great Mineo’s.   Pittsburgh was awesome, even if I have some cruddy, unpresentable rolls of film to show for it.  Well, I do have a few extra pounds to show for it, but that’s another matter entirely. 

And no, Dan and I have no idea what “wine juice” is.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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