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jetlag-free living.

30 Sep 2010

In 2009, I took two big trips: London/Berlin in February, and the Netherlands in June.  I also went home to Los Angeles — twice! — to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday in October, and then for the holidays in December.  The LA trips were 4-day affairs, wee little trips, but still: I did my fair share of traveling last year.  And, while traveling and airports and layovers and all of that can be exhausting, it’s really quite lovely to leave your town, traipse about a new one (or laze about in an old one), and return again, seeing New York anew and remembering why you call it home.

Well, in 2010, I’ve made only one trip requiring actual flight — Vegas, baby! — and am heading out to Pittsburgh next week to visit an old friend.  But that’s it for this year; I won’t be heading home for the holidays, and a trip to China has been postponed until some time later next year.  Just two 4-day trips in 2010.  To be sure, Las Vegas was pretty hilarious, and Pittsburgh no doubt will be a great, gut-busting time.  (Tessaro’s and D’s Six Pax & Dogz are in the cards, and that’s just Day One.)  But I sort of miss jetlag, and the disorientation of waking up and being not quite sure where I am, and I miss being away just long enough that I momentarily forget that I was ever a New Yorker.   And, when it comes down to it, I’ve been in the city much too much this year, and have found myself wondering at times why I call it home.  (Blasphemy!)  I need to leave New York more often, so that I can return to it with a clearer head and refocused eyes. 

So that’s my New Year’s resolution, three whole months before I have to make it, and probably the only resolution I’ll ever stick to: I’m going to be much more jetlagged in 2011, dammit!  Lisbon, Madrid, Shanghai: you have no idea what’s coming to you.   And New York: I’ll come back, as always, knowing exactly why I’d never leave you for good.

[LAX, October 2009]

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