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ladies night.

29 Sep 2010

Recently, several of the ladies at my local (including yours truly) have been meeting up on a semi-regular basis outside of the local.  Rather than cheating on the local, we’ve been meeting at nearby apartments (sounds tawdry, no?), where we make food, drink wine, and talk about our work weeks and occasional gentleman drama.   It’s a nice way to unwind without said gentlemen in the immediate picture, but mostly it’s been a lovely way to get to know the ladies outside of the context of the local.  Three of us are involved in the legal universe, one is in publishing, and another is a dancer, so our conversations range from where to get the best pizza in Pittsburgh, to volunteering at an adult literacy program, to how to stay friends with your ex, to the relative merits of David Bowie.   It’s sort of wonderfully banal and middlebrow and Chardonnay-free, and I hope it becomes a tradition that continues well into the (un)foreseeable future.

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