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excellent eats with jt.

30 Sep 2010

Last night, over burgers at Savoy, my friend JT asked with joking indignation why he hadn’t yet shown up on my month-old blog.   Patience, my dear, patience.  (I’ll also take single-malt bribes.)  But it got me thinking about how he and I have had some pretty spectacular meals, both homemade and dining out.  From the top, this includes: the Vesper Brett charcuterie plate at Prime Meats; a masala dosa from the Dosa Man in Washington Square Park; homemade gnocchi; freshly-shucked oysters from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market; Irish fry-up (and noontime Guinness!) at Molly’s Shebeen; homemade bacon-egg-n-cheese sandwiches; and bwah moun, a spicy chicken + ginger soup at the now-departed Kampuchea.  And mind you, the ones pictured here are instances where I’ve actually had my camera around — this doesn’t include insane meals at Minetta Tavern and Babbo. 

So dear JT: your time will come.  Keep supping with me in style (cough cough SINGLE MALT cough cough), and that time will come much, much sooner, I can assure you.  Also, never ever get rid of this phone.  It is awesome. 

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