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19 Feb 2013

I hadn’t planned much of anything to do for my week in Tokyo — and if you know me at all, you know that I plan like nobody’s business, so this was an entirely  and simultaneously liberating and frightening state of affairs for me — so a trip to Yoyogi Park, near Harajuku Station in the heart of Shibuya, was not exactly on my to-do list.  (Well, to be sure, I had no to-do list to begin with.)  But Dom, my host (and a much more consistent and persistent planner), had told me that I ought to go see the Meiji Shrine.  And so I did.  (As did quite a few other people.)

I had no idea, though, that there would be such a delightful park for me to walk through in the process!  The people-watching was great.  And such a quiet, calming place in the middle of the city.

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