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on insomnia and multitasking.

29 Sep 2012


This is what insomnia looks like.  Everything is blurry the next day.

Mike and I are either experiencing some sort of telepathic/empathic/sympathetic (or pathetic?) form of insomnia whereby we’ve been awake at the same odd hours in the middle of the night, or the universe just wants us to have breakfasts in which conversations go something like this:

Me: Frittatas are basically just egg cakes.
Mike: And you know how I feel about cake.  [Frowns]

But then after breakfast, there is requisite photo-taking, and on a day like today, all fuzzy and groggy and slightly befuddling, with only so many hands between us, there was no way of letting the recently-developed polaroids rest anywhere while a new photo was being taken.  So we just had to hold them in the ensuing shot.  This all made perfect sense at the time.

All of this happened before noon today.  There is still so much day to navigate.  Luckily, Mike’s got On-Demand cable to help us get through the madness. Whiskey too. Thank goodness.

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