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philly (sort of).

25 Sep 2012

I spent just under 24 hours in Philly this weekend, and it was a roaring success of a birthday party, dinner, casino hour (or two, maybe three?), a rare edition of Laphroaig opened up around 3:30am,  homemade bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the morning, and then the train back to New York City.  Less successful, or just downright amateur hour-ish: the roll of high-speed black and white film I’d intended on bringing with me somehow ended up in my washing machine, rendering it completely useless; the one roll of color film I had, I used in the middle of the day, outside, and without metering properly (or at all; see photos below); and then, totally randomly, the roll of Kodak black and white film that had expired in 2004, and which I had no hope in, ended up producing the best photos of the weekend.  (See above.)  Oh, and the sole photo of the birthday boy and his son got mangled by my errant handling of the Hasselblad clip, so there’s that, too.

That entire paragraph was a jumble of words and misdirection, and I think sums up my current state of mind.  Regardless, the photos that did turn out OK turned out on the pretty decent side of OK.

Among the things learned this weekend when you’re in the presence of a 2 1/2 year old whose princess name is Princess Big Girl Mousy:   (1) Wacky Noodle is the real name of this thing, and not a made-up word; and (2) there is something called Beyblade, which I still have yet to see/understand/make sense of.  And the young people love it.

Also: Ryan is a very patient model and yes you are going to make it in the portfolio with these shots as soon as I have a chance to update the portraits page.  Also also: a plant, just because.  It was a nutty weekend.

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  1. msh permalink
    8 Oct 2012 9:23 pm

    oh wow, both of these are nice, the b&w & the colour. the latter looks like pushed or overexposed slide or something, it’s pretty.

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