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the granny flat.

23 Aug 2012

It’s a strange feeling to be in your hometown, where you spent just about all of your childhood, and not stay with family.  For four days a couple of weeks ago, J and I retreated to the hills in Echo Park, to a self-described ‘granny flat‘ that we’d found on airbnb.  (You can see the listing here.)  In the mornings, J would head outside to the backyard to get a bit of work done; I’d laze about in bed, then putter around with the cameras.  We spent our days in search of good eats (quite successful!), and in the late afternoon we’d return for a nap before heading out again for dinner.   The backyard faces west, so we’d delay dinner so we could watch the sunset.   At night, everything was so very still, except for the crickets.

A much-needed vacation within a vacation.

[Also, as I was finishing this post, it occurred to me that in all but the first and last photos, a chair figures into the scene.  This place was basically instructing you to get off your feet.  For the New Yorker in me, this was something of a revelation.]

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  2. 24 Aug 2012 11:28 am

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