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24 Feb 2012

The first weekend I was in Switzerland, before we headed off to Barcelona, the temperatures barely rose about 15 degrees Farenheit.   My cousin and I braved the cold anyway and headed into the old part of town, with my Hasselblad in tow.  It was a Sunday, and by law all shops are closed, so between that and the cold weather, there was hardly a soul on the streets.

I thought I had a roll of color film in the Hasselblad, and snapped what I thought would be pretty wonderful shots of the city in the fading afternoon light.  When I finished the roll and took it out of the magazine, my heart sank.  Black and white film.  Drat!  And indeed, when I got the processed roll back from the lab this week, I knew that the images would most likely be less than ideal in monochrome.  Ah well.

But!  One lone image proved to be better in black and white than it ever could have been in color.  Just steps into the old part of the city was a photo studio, closed for the day but with a great display window of images.   What’s more, upon closer inspection, is the same guy in every one of those photobooth shots?  A most curious photoshop indeed.

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  1. 24 Feb 2012 5:32 pm

    interesting picture. Blessings to you.

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