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23 Feb 2012

My aunt and her family live in the little village of Ferney-Voltaire, which is part of the greater Geneva metropolitan area but which is actually on the French side of the border.   When I flew into Geneva the weekend before our Barcelona excursion, the area was still gritting its teeth through a particularly long cold spell; temperatures were in the low teens that weekend.  After a botched attempt to go into town to take some photos — after an hour we couldn’t feel our toes anymore, and jumped back on the tram towards home — I wandered along the footpath behind the house for a few minutes with the Hasselblad.  Then it was back indoors, where the temperature was much more agreeable and the photographs less susceptible to shivering hands.

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  1. Lucia Willems Ramírez permalink
    24 Feb 2012 10:27 am

    Very nice moods

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