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singular vs. plural.

4 Aug 2011

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Over the last year or so, I’ve moved away from taking a lot of extreme, up-close photographs of my meals, the so-called food porn genre of visual/gastronomic consumption, and towards a more expansive sense of how a series of photographs can come together to tell a story, or give a sense of place and time, or perhaps a mood.  Using the Zeiss Biogon 35/2 lens helps in that endeavour, in that the focal length makes it nearly impossible to get very close to any particular dish, or face, or anything, really.  I’ve forced myself, in a good way I think, to take in a broader view of the world; the viewfinder takes in so much more in each frame.   I try to incorporate disparate subject matter and locations, to have them intersect in order to give the reader a sense of where I’ve been recently, what I’ve seen, in a way that many times, a single image cannot. 

That said, on rare occasions, I’ll take a photo that takes in so much, in such a lovely way, that I don’t think I need anything else to juxtapose it with in order to give you a better sense of time, place, context, or anything else.  This is one of those photographs.  Including another photograph here would, I suspect, rob this one of its visual potency.   It’s a beautiful image, if I do say so myself, but just take a proper look — there’s so much to see.  

And, maybe it’s just me, but there’s something so New York City about it that I’m getting weirdly nostalgic — and I still live here.

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