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25 May 2011

You know how sometimes the best things are the simplest ones?  No muss, no fuss?  Bark Hot Dogs is like that.  Counter service with food that comes out in little paper baskets on metal trays.  Long communal tables with high stools.  Unlimited refills on fountain soda!  (I’m a fountain soda junkie.  It’s a problem.)  And, most importantly, incredibly good fare comprised of really good, locally-sourced ingredients that come together without frills, but full of flavor.

Case in point: brunch last Saturday with Mark.  We each ordered egg and sausage sandwiches, Mark’s with cheese and on a biscuit, mine sans cheese and on an English muffin (Bay’s, might I add, which is the best commercial English muffin on the market).   Got a side of a biscuit covered in sausage gravy.  A fountain soda might also have been ordered.  (Ahem.)  Total bill came out to I think $18.   I’ve had individual brunch dishes in Manhattan that cost $18.   And what you see above may not look like much, but sweet jesus, it was good.  And filling.   Fat, you know, is not only full of flavor but also full of, well, fat.  And porky, eggy, biscuity, er, gravy-y glorious fat is very filling.  

Mark and I have this to-eat list of Brooklyn restaurants.  There are four categories: Tried and True; the boringly titled New Places; Try, Try Again; and I’m Starving, Let’s Just Go Here.   In the time it took us to down our sandwiches (7 minutes, maybe?), Bark went from New Place to Tried and True.  Just like that.  Can’t wait to go back. 

Above: Mark tossed a napkin at me just as I clicked the shutter.

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