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24 May 2011

Around the corner from my house is this faded pink building — I think it’s a school of some sort.  On Saturday, on my way to a picnic in Fort Greene Park, I snapped a few photo with Pony the Yashica, only to discover that I had quite misjudged the exposure (top).  I took another shot, about five feet to the right of the first photo, only to discover when I got the film back from the lab that I’d overexposed it a touch.  Alas. 

That said, I sort of prefer the underexposed photo — it looks like it was taken in the middle of some sort of ash storm, or perhaps from a late-19th century northern England industrial city (minus the parking sign, sneakers, and air conditioning units).  Or it’s a still from some horror film about a mysterious fog enveloping middle Brooklyn.   “Bourgeoiszilla,” we’ll call it.

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