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the blues.

10 May 2011

This past Sunday involved a mostly unsuccessful trip to the Ikea in Red Hook here in Brooklyn — something of an anomaly, since I seem to pick up at least one random houseware every time I make the trip to the store (how can you not? The place is designed with impulse purchases in mind).  I did, however, managed to snap the top photo while wandering through the lighting section with my pal Mark.  The bottom photo I took while in Los Angeles, down on Fairfax Boulevard, just before ducking into an early dinner with my mom at Animal.

Truth be told, I normally quite dislike photos with a lot of nice-day sky in the shot, mostly because the blues get that weird, washed out, well, bluesky tone.  It turns everything sort of nondescript — no nuance, just that electric royal blue that always already is too bright, and offers little subtlety in the shadows.  These two shots, though, I do quite like: the clouds + crane in the top photo, and the palm tree in the bottom one, provide nice contrasts against the skies above. Being indoors and/or out and about at 6pm probably helps, too, with avoiding the oftentimes photographic banality of a clear bluesky day.

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