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sara roosevelt park.

9 May 2011

I’ve written about hanging out in Sara Roosevelt Park before, watching folks watching the handball players on the courts below.   On Saturday, taking advantange of the beautiful weather and the need for a post-brunch stroll, Shannon and I walked up the length of the park on the Chrystie Street side (the east side of the park).  Here’s a visual document of the walk, with the Leica and some Portra 400, from start to near-finish.  Not pictured: the soccer players we may have stopped to ogle for a little bit.  Just a little bit.  

Also not pictured, at least not in this blog post because it would require words that I don’t have, mostly because I still don’t know what’s going on in front of Shannon, is this addition to the Backdrop Project, taken at the NYC Festival of Ideas.  If anyone can explain to me why there’s all that … stuff … I’d be deeply grateful.

In proper weekend afternoon style, following our jaunt through the festival, Shannon and I then headed two blocks east to Marshall Stack, where we toasted our good weather fortune with some champagne … of beers.

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