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sunday show and tell.

18 Apr 2011

Some photos from yesterday’s Not At The Office Sunday.  Life is so much better when you’re out and about, lazing away the mid-afternoon with a wine buddy, and getting re-energized with an early evening pizza companion.   There are few better ways I can imagine spending a Sunday afternoon: Marshall Stack with Shannon, and then off to Windsor Terrace with Andrew for some pie at the newly-opened Giuseppina, the sister restaurant to Lucali, one of my favorite pizza spots in New York City.  Pretty great pizza, with a bright sauce (they gave us an extra bowl of the tomato sauce to dip our crusts in — awesome).  The dusky walk up Sixth Avenue back to my neighborhood was full of  beautiful fading blue light, a wonderful way to end a mostly quiet weekend.

(On a technical note: I was nervous about this new Kodak Portra 400, which will replace the 400vc and 400nc lines — I worried that the colors would be too saturated, and with too much grain (ie, the worst of both 400vc and 400nc worlds).  But to my surprise, the new Portra 400 held up quite nicely in low light, and was only a smidge more vivid and saturated than in the old 400nc.  I’m going to experiment this week with the Leica (the photos above were taken with the Nikon) and see how well the new 400 does with the Zeiss Biogon lens.  Most curious!)

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