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17 april.

17 Apr 2011

[Eleanor and friends: Vivitar Slim Devil (left) and Diana mini (right), both of which belong to my friend Daniel, and both of which I fully intend to “borrow” some time soon.]

Instead of worrying about work deadlines — of which there are quite a few, since I’m leaving on Friday for a weeklong holiday in Los Angeles — I’ve decided to enjoy my Sunday, of which there is quite a bit of the sun component.  The El is with me, as is No-Name (my Nikon FE), and a handful of film that I grabbed a bit blindly from my shelf in the fridge.  The weather is also cooperating — nearly 60 degrees, which is something of a miracle given how poorly spring has decided to show itself this year — so I’m optimistic that some good shots will be had.  Fingers crossed!  And I hope everyone’s done with their taxes!

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  1. samantiks permalink
    21 Jul 2011 10:08 pm

    Well hopefully you had a fabulous time, i know i did. I was at the beach with my camera. Celebrating my birthdaay. 😀

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