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7 Apr 2011

It’s been a bit maddening here in the office — I do tax-related work, and consequently, early April is always a bit harried — so I haven’t had a chance to drop my film off at the lab, which is too bad, since I think there might be some Backdrop Project doozies in there that I’m hoping turned out as well as they looked through the camera viewfinder. 

But the photographs here, taken over the last few weeks, have made me even more pleased about the Leica and Zeiss Biogon purchases.  I’ve been struggling a bit with trying to define — or at least describe — what it is I’m trying to capture at any given moment.   And I think having Eleanor has been really good for articulating that vision — wanting to take pictures that feel like photographs, if that makes any sense.   Something palpably classic, but very much also in the present.   Something intimate, but also something which complete strangers, new observers, can connect and engage with.   Black and white film is perhaps a bit better making that vision apparent, but as I work more with color film — especially Ektar 100, and  hopefully the Portra 400, which I’m going to try out this weekend — I think I’m getting better, ever more precise, with matching what I see with what the camera+film produce.  That’s the hope, anyway.

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  1. 7 Apr 2011 11:49 pm

    these are really great. i love that ektar.

    • 10 Apr 2011 2:38 pm

      thanks — i’m really, really loving the ektar; it gives me such great colors that i sometimes find myself in a bit of shock.

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