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holiday sundays.

19 Jan 2011

Most Sundays I take pretty slowly.  Maybe a brunch here, a walk around town there, a glass or two of wine in the late afternoon.  But Sundays before Monday holidays are that funny beast where it doesn’t quite feel like a Saturday, but nonetheless has so much expansive potential.  Anything is possible on a holiday Sunday! 

So this past Sunday involved a failed visit to M.Wells (the line — outside, on a freezing day — was 20 people deep!), a failed visit to the Grand Central Oyster Bar (closed!), and finally a most successful meal at Hill Country Chicken, where waaaaay too much chicken was purchased and then inhaled.  (I’ll have photographic evidence of our gluttony, hopefully, in the next few days.)  Then it was onto Wogies to watch the second half of the Seahawks-Bears match, nurse a whiskey, and foolishly order some waffle fries (which were good, but again, you’ll have to wait to see the fried chicken photos to understand my folly).   A late afternoon nap — it’s a holiday Sunday, after all — and then many rye-based cocktails and some artisanal cheeses over at Dram in Williamsburg.   And finally, as holiday Sunday crept into holiday Monday, a Dumont burger, just to gild the lily.

My fuzzy head the next morning was completely worth it.

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