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17 Jan 2011

Back in June 2009, Daniel, a handful of his old ex-pat friends from Cambodia, and I made our way to The Netherlands, where a pair of their pals from Phnom Penh, Johnny and Aekje, were to be married.  After the wedding in Friesland, we headed down to Amsterdam, where we’d rented a lovely apartment overlooking one of the canals.   There was much traipsing about, attempts (and mostly failures) to find good eats, a lot of napping (Dave, above, is sleeping through a tender moment on Dutch television), and a great deal of photographs to be taken.  One night we ended up at a bar not far from the train station, where we discovered the joys (and morning after effects) of genever with a regular named Harrie.  I’ve not taken a long holiday since, so these photos, taken with the Yashica, are especially poignant and dear to me.

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  1. Daniel permalink
    20 Jan 2011 5:15 am

    Poignant and dear indeed. Great to see them again. Early days with the Yashica, right?

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