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walton (2).

8 Nov 2010

The rest of our trip to Walton involved, let’s see … food, more food, drink, haircut, sleep, more food, and a wee stomach bug that I really could have done without, but no matter.  Shannon, Bernard, and I made an insane amount of food for three people: black bean chili with gruyere scones (I’d call them gougeres, but they didn’t really puff up according to plan) for dinner; then the next morning, Shannon and I made homemade biscuits and veggie gravy.  So much gastronomic awesomemess (and goodness, having access to a properly-functioning, full-size oven is really something else!).  I also managed to sleep the sleep of the just (and wowzers, complete quiet and no streetlights are another really something else!), something like ten or eleven solid hours.  It was the perfect weekend away: the stillness you only dream of in New York City, great homemade food, and absolutely lovely company.   And a haircut to boot!

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  1. 6 Dec 2010 4:16 am

    omg, i absolutely love the fourth from last picture. ah your film shots are killing me!

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