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5 Nov 2010

Shannon, Bernard, and I headed up to the sleepy little village of Walton, NY, this weekend, where Bernard has a lovely country house.  After breakfast at Tilly’s in Monticello, we made our way to Walton, where we stopped in at the village library.  We even got to poke around the library’s attic space, where old newspapers and local yearbooks abounded.  From there it was off to the supermarket to get supplies for the main event: the eating and the lazing around.  And oh how we excelled in our holidaying!  Our mid-afternoon lunch was an appropriate mix of high and lowbrow, a most wonderful way to spend a fully autumnal afternoon with friends. 

On a technical note: almost all of these shots were taken with slide film — Kodak Elitechrome 100, to be exact.  I love the crispness of slide images; everything just pops a bit more, especially in sunlight.  If Kodak Portra 160nc weren’t such a great film for my aesthetic purposes, I’d probably use slide film all the time.

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