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london 2006.

10 Sep 2010

I often wonder if (or worry that) I look like an idiot, running ahead of my walking companion in order to take a photo of them moving towards the camera.  The trick is to get far enough ahead so the companion in question has stopped shaking his/her head at your silliness, that they’ve settled back into whatever they were doing and stopped noticing that you and the camera have positioned yourself about 20-30 feet ahead.

This was just a day or two before New Years Day 2007, and the chill permeating through London that winter was impossible to navigate with a camera and bare hands.  Andy and I  were on our way to the Tate Modern that day, opting to walk so as to get as much of London in as possible  I was pretty pleased with how this turned out, even if (or especially because) my hands turned a ghastly shade of violet-blue just before we got inside the museum.

Here’s another one, taken of TS, almost exactly a decade earlier, still in the UK but up north in Scarborough.

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