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wyoming + ektar.

4 Sep 2013

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I’d fretted for weeks leading up to my trip out west: What film to bring with me?  I ended up with a hodgepodge of Ektar 100, Portra 160, and Portra 400 in both 35mm and 120 formats, and for my interior shots (like these, and goodness me, I am so pleased by the results!) I relied mostly on the Portra stock.

But when it came to Wyoming, with all that big sky and lushness and depth, I’m glad I stuck with the Ektar 100.  Look at the blues in that photo above!  The tonal range is just exquisite, and there’s great saturation without anything or anyone looking unnatural.  And with the larger negative (thanks to the Pentax 6×7), everything just pops all that much more.

Of course, the best part — more than getting the perfect shot on perfect film stock — was the company.  Nothing beats seeing old friends (and a new one in the form of a hilarious 3 year old) and taking a leisurely hike through a gorgeous landscape.   There’s so much in this photo that I miss already.

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