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m.wells and the national (sort of).

22 May 2013

It was barely noon.  There was no way we were going to have leg of lamb at noon.

So a few weekends ago, The National was going to take part in this slightly nutty performance at PS1, playing their song ‘Sorrow’ for six hours straight.  Mike and I, we bought tickets, because I mean, why the hell not?  And we figured we’d eat a nice lunch at M.Wells beforehand, since the restaurant is  now located inside the museum itself.

So we headed up to Long Island City early that Sunday morning, and got to PS1 just before noon, as both the restaurant and museum were opening.  The lunch was great.  Not so great: the ever-growing crowd assembled to see the band, who had started their epic set inside the giant white dome on PS1 grounds.  Mike and I, we’re not so good with crowds.  And during lunch, we could hear the song play over and over again as it was.  So we stuck around outside the dome to hear ‘Sorrow’ one last time, and left without going inside.  But hey!  I managed to sort of get a photo of the band.  Sort of.

M. Wells, though: as glorious as always.

The band!  Sort of!

Look at those crossed arms and smartphones held aloft!  Oh, New York.  I love you.

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