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good / meh.

16 Apr 2013

Good news: after being on the fritz for the better part of a year (maybe longer?), my Nikon FE finally got fixed.  I’m happy to have it back; it’s been my constant companion for 15 years now.

The meh news: the lab where I get both color and b&w processing done has been incredibly inconsistent with their b&w developing.  These photos, shot on the Nikon with Fuji Neopan 400, seem a bit off to me. A bit dulled, maybe?  Grrrrr.  Also, I paid the lab to have the negatives scanned for me, since my home scanner is on the fritz (everything is falling apart around me, it seems like), and good lord, these are terrible scans.  Dusty, weird cropping, and I’m pretty sure they were scanned in color, by the looks of the tones here.  Double grrrrrr.  NYC folks: who develops your b&w film?

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