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24 Feb 2013

During my trip to Japan, Dom had hatched a plan to spend a day in Hakone, a region southwest of Tokyo where, via a series of trains, trams, and gondolas, we’d be able to get high up into the mountains and get a great view of Mt. Fuji.  I’d read in guidebooks that spending a couple of days in the area was optimal; my friend Andy had recommended the three-day pass — you can’t’t miss the pirate ship!, he told me.  Dom and I: we were going to do it in a day.

We didn’t.

By the time we got halfway up the mountain, we realized that we weren’t going to make it back in time to catch our train to Tokyo.   So instead we wandered around the Hakone Open Air Musuem (which has some 20-odd Henry Moore sculptures in its collection, if you’re like Dom and you fancy Moore’s work) and had some nice soba for lunch.  Later we putzed around Hakone proper, ran into a cat, split a beer in a wee cafe, and caught our train back to the city.   Not exactly what we’d planned, but a great day all the same — it was nice to squeeze in some non-Tokyo time.

Oh, and on the train ride back, as the sun was setting, Mt. Fuji made an appearance after all, peeking through outside the window across the aisle from us, against a gloriously purple sky that I didn’t get a chance to capture on film, so perhaps we’ll just count it as a circuitously successful day in the end.

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