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7 Feb 2013

In advance of the Tokyo trip, I bought myself a Contax T2.  Yup.  A point-and-shoot film camera.  With autofocus.  And you know what?  It has been scandalously, deliciously liberating.

I needed to take a quick test roll to make sure everything was working properly, and much of yesterday was overcast and glum, and I mean, it’s not like there’s much to photograph when you work in midtown Manhattan, so the end results of said test roll were limited at best*, but: good times, my friends.  You just snap a photo, just like that!  No fiddling with that focus ring!  It’s CRAZY.  Also: the camera fits in my coat pocket.  NUTS.

I’m on photo quarantine between now and Saturday, when I finally arrive in Tokyo, and will likely not post anything until I get back and have at least some of my rolls developed.   If you live in Tokyo and see a crazy lady lugging around three cameras and asking in broken Japanese where Yakitori Alley is: that’s me.  Fun times await.

[* I promise that my Tokyo photos will not be predominantly of people’s legs.  Promise.]

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