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17 Jan 2013

Look.  I’ve never been good about navigating, in a fair and nuanced way, my love for the Leica and the Hasselblad; I mean, crikey, they have names — Eleanor and Dashiell — while my Nikon and Pentax languish in limbo, waiting for great monikers to be bestowed on them.  I am a terrible photographer mom.  But perhaps, at the very least, I’m not so bad as everyone else’s disdain for Lady Edith?

That said, I *love* these two photographs. They are my favorites of the Pittsburgh trip, even though they weren’t taken in Pittsburgh proper (Butler, actually).  And that they came after a spell of wondering how to combine my Hasselblad and black & white film, and often coming up with duds, I am beyond pleased.   (Yay Kodak Tri-X Pan 400!)

If these somehow allowed Lady Edith all the happiness in the world, I would be so very pleased.  In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these.

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