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suburbia, christmas day.

27 Dec 2012

garden 1

plant 1

mary 3

Christmas Day 2012 in Los Angeles was sort of overcast and grey, with a bit of rain and gloom (minus one brief, glorious moment when the sun shone down on our ceramic cat).  My parents and I stayed in, lounging around and relaxing after a raucous Christmas Eve dinner the night before with lots of family and food.  I snapped some photos of the garden out back, just for the hell of it.  In the late afternoon, with the sun due to set around 4:50, we gathered outside for some photos. We look much more serious than we actually were — though if you think I look grumpy here, you should’ve seen me about 14 hours later, just after I got off a redeye flight back to New York.

Hope the New Year brings good tidings to everyone.  I could use a bit of sunshine, one way or another.

Also, a bonus shot of my mother, doing her best to look like the disaffected suburbanite she actually really isn’t.

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  1. 27 Dec 2012 8:14 pm

    Love the sense of style in your rain and gloom. Season’s greetings!

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