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dc, before the storm.

6 Nov 2012

[A friendly reminder of sorts.]

Two weekends ago, as the hurricane was heading towards the east coast, I was in DC, doing very, very little.  And it was nice.  And I’d planned to come back to NYC late Sunday night, until, on Sunday morning, I started getting frantic texts from friends alerting me that the NYC subway system was going to shut down at 7pm that night as a precaution before the storm.  Plans for a lazy Sunday afternoon were replaced with some frenetic rescheduling of my Amtrak ticket and wading through the scrum of other last-minute travelers at Union Station, all waiting to get back north before it would be impossible to travel.

It was a good call in the end — I made it back to the city by 6pm, and got back to Brooklyn by 7, catching one of the last subway trains from Penn Station.  Somewhere in there, though, after the ticket was changed and before we headed to Union Station, we had a lovely, albeit slightly rushed meal of jerk chicken and rice at Taste of Jamaica, and then took a walk around the block so I could at least indulge in a couple of rolls of film with the Hasselblad.  This was my first go with Dashiell in DC — am looking forward to future photographic possibilities with this combination, as these test rolls came out pretty nicely, I have to say, even with the overcast skies and my continued inability to meter like a normal photographer.

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