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dc, early autumn.

12 Oct 2012

I wonder if my slowly-unfolding relationship to Washington, DC, is anything like my parents’ relationship to New York City: you come to a crazy sprawl of an urban area where a loved one lives, and you find yourself trying to reconcile that person’s particular, intimate relationship to that space while also trying to navigate the sheer touristy insanity of it all.

So there I was last Friday, mostly on my own, finding myself face to face with the DC-ness of it all.  The Mall.  The museums.  The Capitol.  The all of it.  Overwhelming, to say the least.  Seeing friends later that night, and then spending much of the weekend back in the apartment — the grey skies, occasional rain, and chill in the air all conspired to keep us bundled up at home — helped to balance out matters.  Most of Sunday was spent tackling a Bolognese sauce while catching a couple of soccer matches on the internet; not a bad way to spend the day, I dare say.

In between the two extremes, we did manage to make it out for some nice meals, though most were not photographed (save the fried chicken sandwich from Eastern Market, which as you maybe can see was enormous).  Among the foods consumed: ramen, tacos, hot dogs half-smokes, excellent izakaya fare, and pizza.

I do have more thoughts on the monumentality of it all; I’d brought my 21mm wide-angle lens with me, to capture some of this in action.  But I’ll save those thoughts for another time, maybe after another visit.  I’ll leave you (and DC) with this, though: maybe we can tone it down with all the flags, maybe?  Maybe?

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  1. 13 Oct 2012 8:05 am

    I wanted to pick out a specific picture to comment on about how much I loved it, but I just can’t. The first image is so striking, I’m one who loves buildings (especially homes) and so the shape, texture, and colour just grab me and make me smile.
    The photo below it captures a moment in time – a piece of history and beauty. That’s something that I love about photography as a whole, that it allows you to share and enjoy bits and pieces of history as it is being made.

    The composition of all your photos is lovely. I can’t get over the colours and the emotions. I’ve never really wanted to visit DC, but now I do.

    Similarly, I felt the same way about Massachusetts (Boston and Worcester). Your words resonated fully.

    Thank you for sharing!

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