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the boys.

13 Sep 2012

This nice thing about Hasselblads is that you can carry an extra magazine loaded with an entirely different kind of film — say, one with a higher ISO so you can switch over should you need to take a photo in lower light, or, say, one loaded with black and white film, when the mood seems ripe for greater contrast and something a bit more documentary-ish in style.

Sadly, I have yet to get my hands on a second magazine, which is why I found myself one night last week with a camera full of Portra 400 and nothing else.  I should’ve known better: Portra is terrible in indoor+nighttime situations; it does wonky things to skintone that it otherwise gets nearly perfect, and it can’t seem to sort out gentle gradations in overall tones, shifting red and oversaturing in all sorts of awkward ways.   I mean, don’t get me wrong: I love these photos (and the fellows in them), but man alive!, these shots in black and white, at say ISO 800 or at 400 pushed a stop or two, would have been amazing.  Ah well.  It’s on my end-of-the-year wish list.

Also, I swear John wasn’t looking at his phone the entire night. Proof:

And here is yours truly, cursing herself for not bringing extra film.  Not really.  (Ok maybe.)

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