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summertime eats.

2 Aug 2012

The ongoing summer heat has prompted much hankering for cold soba noodles and agedashi tofu, a hunger often satiated at Cocoron but in the top photo, at Soba-Koh in the East Village this past weekend.  Most delicious.

Also on tap this weekend: a brisket sandwich, some Sichuan cucumbers, and dan-dan noodles, all found at Smorgasburg.  (Unclear why, in a space filled with food vendors, there are only five tables in the gigantic non-bar area.)  We snagged a table and wolfed down our food, then got over our crowd anxieties and heatstroke with some bourbon peach lemonades  (thanks, Brendan!).

Up next: Los Angeles for an 11-day vacation of sorts.  Many taco trucks and hole in the wall Thai places in my near future!

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  1. 8 Aug 2012 12:28 pm

    love this!

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