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daniel, saturday morning.

23 Jul 2012

Feeling fairly unenthusiastic about being out and about on Saturday morning, despite the gorgeous weather outside — I’d received some sad, unexpected news from a dear friend earlier that morning, and wanted little more than to burrow under the covers a while longer — I coaxed my friend Daniel into picking up some breakfast sandwiches and coffee from the local bodega and bringing it over to my place.  We tucked into our meal and updated each other about recent goings-on, and then opened up the weekend paper for some post-prandial reading.   I brought the Hasselblad downstairs and snapped a few polaroids; you can see the lot of them, unintentionally arranged ever-so-artfully, over here at Daniel’s flickr page.

This one here is my favorite.

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  1. uncøated permalink
    25 Jul 2012 6:29 am

    Beautiful shot!

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