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date night, central new jersey.

15 Mar 2012

Saturday night, J and I went to a supermarket that shall remain unnamed, mostly because my real name is attached to this blog and I was mostly-kindly asked to not take photos while inside the store but did so anyway and well, I’d like to return to said store again and again and again because the place is like a wonderland of great free samples and endless shelves of gyoza and yeah, J, you probably should’ve gotten that random package of frozen Korean-style morcilla, so OF COURSE I’m going to keep quiet and hope that next time I can take even better photos of the Saturday night crowds at The Best Supermarket in the States without getting kicked out or just plain yelled at and shamed into putting the Hasselblad back inside my bag.  Also, Best Date Night ever.

(And yeah, I had a Wegmans while in grad school, so I know from supermarkets.)

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