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saturdays with mike d.

28 Feb 2012

Mike D. is probably the only  person on the planet who tolerates the extension tube on my Hasselblad, which effectively turns the camera into a macro lens beast.   The many drinks we had at Peels on Saturday afternoon probably also helped matters, as did their always excellent fried chicken sandwich.

We started the day, as is our new habit, at Char No.4, wolfing down poached eggs & grits; energized, we followed that up with some window shopping that turned quickly into actual shopping — you can see Mike’s new shoes in one of these photos (nice kicks, Mike D!).   A jaunt into the city ensued, and then the photographed happy hour(s) at Peels.  As the sun went down we wandered back into Brooklyn, where we finished up the day with one last purchase for me: a lovely pair of yellow sandals, perfect for a springtime that, in this mild winter, seems to be just around the corner.

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