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ten years ago.

26 Jan 2012

December 2001: I had the opportunity to house sit for my old college advisor over New Year’s, out near my old alma mater.  I said yes.  I’d just been dumped a bit unceremoniously by someone up where I was pursuing my doctorate, and I’d just been home for the holidays — never an easy place to navigate when all you want to do is hide under the covers and watch Law and Order marathons on cable — and the idea of being holed up in an entirely different, and emptied out, collegetown for a week seemed ideal.  So armed with a camera, five rolls of film, and two bottles of state-run-liquor-store-stock white wine, I decided to cheer myself up via a three-day photo shoot with the Nikon and its self timer function.   Around midnight on December 31, 2001, I toasted to new leaves, the end of dating, and all the things one toasts to when one is faraway from the madding crowd.

Also, the house had cable TV, and wouldn’t you know it: on New Year’s Day I woke up to an all-day Law and Order marathon.

Goodness me: Look at those bangs!  What the heck was that hat I was so enamoured with?!  Such sad faces!  I’m like a bizarre cross between Amelie and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo woman (dude, look at my arms!  I used to have guns).  Memory Lane is very, very surreal.

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  1. 27 Jan 2012 12:44 am

    You still got guns. And I’d blame the hat on Elliott Smith.

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