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islay 1997.

19 Jan 2012

I have a fancy-ish new scanner, an Epson V700, which can do a decent job with black and white negatives — my old Canon flatbed scanner was something of a willful child when it came to b&w film — so I’ve been going through my old negatives to see if there was stuff that I missed the first time around because I didn’t want to deal with the wonkiness of the Canoscan 8800.  Sure enough, there was a sheet of film from my trip to Islay that I didn’t even attempt to scan before.  These are from the second half of my trip to the island; the first half you can see here.

Most of these were taken on a single afternoon, on a bike ride around the tiny town of Port Charlotte, in the southwestern part of the island.  The doll above was an antique, the photo taken at the Museum of Islay Life, a tiny little historical museum full of great odds and ends.  And somewhere in here is an attempt at a self-portrait — I shudder a bit, now, at my late-90s wardrobe, all terribly ill-fitting.  Dear me!

The final shot, however, was taken while in the capital city of Bowmore; the very nice fishmonger, nearing the end of his market day, kindly let me take his photograph *and* gave me a whole smoked mackerel, on the house.  He was pretty great.

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  1. 20 Jan 2012 2:40 pm

    wow, incredible photos. i love the glass bottles and the wooden door!

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