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starring mike d as …

13 Jan 2012

…. special guest star on the Ironic T-Shirt episode of Glee.

… jaded Freelance Creative Type (see artfully-wrapped skinny scarf)) on his morning commute to his rented workspace in that building in the Flatiron District around the corner from the Stumptown Coffee.

… renegade (see t-shirt) agent to the stars, at his weekly power lunch, deleting all of the unlistened-to voicemails from Darren Aronofsky.

… as special guest star on Glee who really cannot stop singing.

… as photographer (of yours truly).   We decided that the negative turned out much more interesting:

All photos taken at, or en route to, Peels, for a post-birthday lunch.  So nice to luxuriate on a weekday!

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