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los angeles i’m yours.

3 Jan 2012

While I was home for a brief holiday visit, I took the car out on Christmas day, around 3 in the afternoon, to snap a few shots of my parents’ neighborhood with the Hasselblad and the Polaroid back as the sun slowly dropped below the horizon.  The shots taken with the Polaroid back have this slightly dreamy feel (probably helped by the fact that they’ve been blown up well beyond their original size), while the ones taken with with the regular A-12 magazine clip loaded with Kodak Portra 160 have a more expansive, documentary quality. (For comparison, see the last photo of this post, and the first one from the previous post.)

I like both types of images, but what struck me the most, as I tooled around the suburbs, was how beautiful and desolate everything was, all at once.  It was, of course, Christmas day, so hardly anyone was out, and the parking lots were quite empty — but I think that made the sheer vastness of the environs stand out so much.  So much of LA is asphalt, of getting to and from destinations.  Growing up I detested all of the roads, of the time it took to get anywhere.  Now, when I’m home, I can’t help but marvel at the scale of it all.  LA is all sprawl, but it takes a lot of planning to sprawl as much, and as elaborately, as it does.  Photographing it, or at least trying to, was something of a quiet delight.  I can’t wait to return.


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