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23 Dec 2011

A few nights ago, my housemates and I threw ourselves a three-person, all-out holiday dinner, complete with pan-roasted chicken, oven-roasted root veggies, and mashed potatoes.  And a couple of lovely bottles of red wine.  Maybe a nightcap’s worth of bourbon.  It was great, full of blustery conversation and clean-platedness, tiny kitchen notwithstanding.  The Hasselblad + Polaroid back made an appearance early on and never quite left the proceedings. (Mental note: the Fuji 3000-speed instant film might be kind of amazing.)

How do you top that?  Not sure.   We’ve planned to do this all again soon, possibly with beef bourguignon and some homemade pasta — yes, that is indeed how we roll.  There’s no way the Hasselblad + Pola is going to miss out on that.

In any event, have a lovely holiday, however you choose to celebrate/acknowledge/sleep through it.   I’m spending much of the extended weekend on planes, no doubt catching up on episodes of terrible television shows available on my in-flight entertainment package.   Good times!

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