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polaroid weekend.

19 Dec 2011

So last Friday I went and got myself a Polaroid 100 back for my Hasselblad — basically making Dashiell instant-film-ready.  The resulting images are tiny — just the size of a regular 120 negative, so not much larger than 2×2 inches (i’ve blown them up here for your viewing pleasure) — but there’s something gorgeous and dreamy about them: not quite capturing the focusing capabilities of the Zeiss lens, but still taking in all the proportions of a Hasselblad shot, slightly blurry and mesmerizing, evocative but still fully present, all at once.  It’s been great fun, taking the images and pulling the polaroids out of the back of the camera, and waiting the requisite 1-4 minutes for the film to develop.  Or at least it’s been fun for me; I can’t speak for my photographic subjects/companions, who may have looked upon this entire endeavour with bewilderment.  But hey! , look at how everything turned out: like a dream, nudging ever so willfully into the real.

Also, I’ll take this over the Hipstamatic app any day.  Just sayin’.

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  1. 19 Dec 2011 9:38 pm

    I like the softness of the photos.

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